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Nutritional Oncology Research Institute

Providing Advanced Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors


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NORI CBD offers Freed Technology broad spectrum zero-THC hemp derived CBD products. Also offered is low-cost CBD isolate products.


NORI Nutraceuticals

We offer high quality and high value nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. All of our products are formulated and processed in-house under strict quality control guidelines.


Antibiotic Watchdog

There are certain risks from taking antibiotics that one should be aware of. Antibiotic Watchdog shares these risks, offers alternatives and information on how to support one's immune system.


Healing Strong Support Network

HealingStrong is a non-profit federally approved organization made up of a growing network of HealingStrong Groups located in the United States, Canada and some international countries. A true grassroots movement that began in 2013 by holistic cancer thrivers and caregivers who came together to make a change.

Links AND Recommended Reading



We highly recommend visiting where Dr. Michael shares valuable information on nutrition that is accurate, reliable and scientifically valid. "How Not To Die" is an excellent book to learn about the connection between our dietary choices and chronic diseases.


Mastering Diabetes

This is a newly published and highly recommended book on reversing all types of diabetes through a powerful nutritional and lifestyle program. The information presented applies directly to managing cancer. The dietary recommendations parallel those within the NORI protocol. The key message is to limit all forms of fat to less that 15 percent of total calories. NORI recommends a lower fat threshold between 5-10% of total calories. Insulin resistance is primarily due to excess fat buildup in liver and muscle cells. This excellent book is available through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives is an excellent primer on the health benefits of plant-based nutrition. This film discusses the relationship between diet, cancer and heart disease. Featured in the film is T. Colin Campbell, PhD who is a highly respected researcher in the field of nutritional science. Visit for more information.