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Nutritional Oncology Research Institute

Providing Advanced Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors

About Us


NORI was established in 2011 as an independent research organization focused on developing nutritional therapies and nutraceuticals for supporting cancer treatment. Our current mission is to continue research and development while offering cancer patients powerful tools to augment their treatment plan. NORI is also conducting research on the causes of cancer so that meaningful prevention measures can be provided. NORI has uncovered scientific data linking antibiotic use to practically every form of cancer. See for more information on this very important finding.


The vision for NORI is to create a wider range of treatment choices for cancer patients that will include natural and nontoxic therapies. Today, the range of treatment options offered by conventional oncology is far too narrow and much too focused on drugs, radiation and chemotherapy. Nutritional medicine is an untapped and under appreciated treatment modality in oncology. There is an opportunity to create a whole new direction in cancer care that incorporates diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and non-patentable plant-derived natural compounds.

Founder and Director

Mark Simon, CN

Mark Simon established NORI in 2011 as an organization focused on advancing cancer care through optimization of diet and application of targeted nutraceuticals. Mark Simon's background and interests are in diverse fields including clinical nutrition, biomedical engineering, plant-based nutrition,  naturopathic medicine and neuroscience.

Our physician and affiliated clinic Network

Edward Enever, Naturopath

Edward Enever operates our Perth, Australia branch. Edward Enever is a naturopath that applies his own unique approach incorporating the key NORI principles.

Lucy Rojo, ND

Dr. Lucy Rojo offers intensive treatment with IV therapies.

Dr. David Garling

Vitality Primary Care MD

David J. Garling, MD, PhD

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Dr. David Garling, MD, PhD

Dr. Alan Schwartz, MD