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Providing Advanced Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients and Survivors

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We are in the process of documenting and compiling case reports of cancer patients who have benefited from the NORI protocol. We will also present video testimonials from current cases.

NORI can provide patient references to interested clients. NORI respects anonymity and no identifying information is provided within the case reports.

Through our home-based nutritional support program, NORI has provided integrative support to cancer patients with a wide variety of cancer types and stages. Most of the types of cancer that NORI has provided support are breast, prostate and thyroid. Our estimated response rate is over 90% for these cancers. Most patients following the NORI protocol have either exhausted all conventional options or have chosen a path avoiding toxic chemotherapy. NORI recommends that all patients work with an oncologist and make informed treatment choices.

Case Report #1

Stage IV Papillary Thyroid Cancer

     This case report documents the medical history of a cancer patient that contacted NORI in May 2012. This patient had undergone complete thyroidectomy and lymph node dissection.  The cancer returned in additional lymph nodes in the chest and lungs. Thyrogobulin level was 13 and the standard treatment options were more surgeries and radioactive iodine therapy. The patient decided to try a natural approach and began the NORI protocol which at that time consisted of a mostly fruit diet and high dose sodium selenite. Thyroglobulin dropped  within 3 months to a nearly undetectable level. This patient had maintained this very low tumor marker level for over 4 years until there was a slight rise. Reinitiating the NORI program lowered it again to a near undetectable level.  This patient as of October 2019 is in complete remission.

Case Report #2

Stage IV ER+ Breast Cancer

     This patient contacted NORI in April 2018 and was suffering from extreme bone pain from breast cancer metastasis to the spine and other skeletal structures.  CA15-3 tumor marker was nearly 1000 and scans clearly showed multiple lesions mainly in the bones. The NORI protocol was immediately initiated which consisted of cycled methionine restriction and two nutraceutical combinations. One combination consists of sodium selenite, vitamin K3, genipin (gardenia fruit extract. The second combination is grapeseed/pine bark extract, lutein, green tea extract and eurycoma longifolia extract. CBD was also included and boswellia serrata with ginger extract was added more recently. Bone pain subsided within the first three months and CA15-3 dropped to 250.  The only conventional treatment incorporated was an aromatase inhibitor.  As of October 2019, this patient enjoys a high quality of life while continuing on the NORI program. Spot radiation has been applied recently to a lesion that has been causing some discomfort. Tumor markers remain stable and manageable.

Case report #3

Advanced Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

     This patient contacted NORI in December 2018 and was challenged with advanced CLL with a lymphocyte count of 360,000. The NORI protocol was started January 2019 and the lymphocyte count continues to drop and is now at about 50% of the peak value of 360,000. The diet was not low-methionine initially due to weight concerns but is now a cycled low-methionine diet and weight is being maintained. The primary nutraceuticals are high dose sodium selenite both orally and IV,  genipin (gardenia fruit extract) boswellia serrata/ginger extract, high dose DHA (algae oil derived omega-3) and CBD. Ozone therapy is being administered in a small portable infrared steam sauna. No conventional treatments have been administered. Expectations are that this patient will continue to experience decline in lymphocyte count and improvements in red blood cell count and other hematological parameters. It is important to mention that this patient is an integrative medical doctor and had tried to self-treat for 8 years without any success. We are very hopeful that the NORI program will drive the CLL into complete remission.

Case Report #4

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, B-Cell

     This case involves a patient that was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) in May 2018.  No conventional treatments were administered since the diagnosis. This patient began the NORI protocol  September 2018. As of October 2019, there has been no progression of the enlarged lymph node on the neck and no signs of any other lymph node involvement. It is believed that the original lymph node is now benign. All blood markers are well within normal range. This patient was advised by the oncologist to keep doing what you are doing. The protocol followed by this patient was a cycled methionine restricted diet, high dose sodium selenite, berberine, genipin (gardenia fruit extract and CBD (low-dose). The patient is feeling great with lots of energy and stable healthy weight. Sodium selenite was the most likely the primary element of the protocol that generated the response because published human clinical trials demonstrate the effectiveness of sodium selenite for treating NHL.

Case report #5

Stage IV Papillary Thyroid Cancer

     This  patient contacted NORI in May 2018 and began the protocol in June 2018. The patient's previous treatments were total thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine. There was a recurrence of thyroid cancer with a tumor marker at 8.0 (Thyroglobulin) upon beginning the NORI protocol. The tumor marker was rising rapidly. No conventional treatments were administered. The nutraceuticals administered are high dose sodium selenite, genipin, berberine and vitamin K3. A cycled methionine restricted is being followed. Thyroglobulin dropped to 5.9 after two months on the protocol. Since that time, the tumor marker has been essentially stable for 1 year. Further reduction in the tumor marker is expected after modifications to the nutraceutical schedule. This patient is enjoying excellent health.