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NORI Promotes Plant-Based Nutrition

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A Scientifically Sound Integrative Approach

Treating Cancer Effectively Requires a Multi-Targeted Approach

     Treating cancer is possibly one of the most challenging areas of modern medicine. The challenge stems from the fact that cancer originates within our own cells and selectively killing cancer cells without causing harm to normal cells is not an easy task. Conventional approaches are unfortunately non-selective and cause harm to normal cells. NORI  recommends an integrative approach that combines the best methods available from mainstream oncology and natural medicine. By applying a multi-targeted approach incorporating every tool available simultaneously, a much better outcome can be achieved. NORI incorporates the power of nutrition and a few very natural agents to help slow down cancer progression and potentially reverse it. Cancer is a complex process that requires hitting many different cellular targets (signaling and biosynthesis pathways) at the same time to destroy malignant cells while causing very little or no harm to normal cells. The NORI protocol offers cancer patients and survivors powerful tools to help ensure effective treatment and to achieve low risk of recurrence. 

An Integrative Approach

     NORI helps cancer patients navigate through the massive and complex maze of information on integrative and alternative cancer treatment options. We believe in an integrative approach to cancer treatment that incorporates all of the the safest and most effective tools available. Conventional oncology is  very narrow in its approach but there is so much more that can be applied to enhance treatment outcome and long term survival.

How We View Cancer

     NORI views cancer as an environmental injury rather than a disease, illness or sickness. NORI believes that cancer is not due to a failure of our immune system.  Cancer can be caused by many different environmental exposures that cause mitochondrial DNA damage. These include viruses, toxins, antibiotics, ionizing radiation, pesticides, herbicides and personal care products.


Free ebook

Click here to download a free ebook written by Mark Simon, "Cancer Simplified - From Cause to Elimination. This ebook provides a valuable perspective on the true nature of cancer and how to apply nontoxic methods for elimination. 


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